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Food journal didn't paste very nicely
I tried copying it straight from My Fitness Pal, and using PRE tags, and that didn't work out well. So I tried pasting the HTML copied from View Source, and you saw how badly that turned out. My Fitness Pal and Blogger don't seem to get along.

I've decided not to try to see how long I can go without hypoglycemic episodes on weekends, while hubby's around. On the weekdays he's away from 0600-1530, so since I doubt I'll be able to go that long for at least a little while, that's when I'll be fasting till hypoglycemic symptoms appear, and log how long I can go each day.


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RIP Spot

Spot was one of the gentlest cats; we sure miss him.


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Common sugar-substitute Xylitol KILLS dogs - Dolittler (Vet Blog)
It only takes a few cupcakes left unobserved on the kitchen counter to kill even a large dog. Your three-pound Yorkie? A fraction of one offered surreptitiously by a well-meaning guest might suffice. (Dolittler (Vet Blog))

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Awww Teddy Bear
Wasn't she just adorable when she was a kitty? She's all sleek looking now, and spoiled beyond rotten too.

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Leo & Zsa Zsa
Oh look, aren't they so precious (when they're not killing each other).

Leo & Zsa Zsa
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